Tidy Troll to the Rescue!

Oh.my.word!  Yes, it's me and yes, I'm blogging for the first time in forever.....no excuses other than a crayyyyyyyzy school year.  So, here I am and first and foremost,  I am absolutely drooling over my new blog design by my sweet friend Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs!!!!  She has been a doll to work with and I am so happy with my final product.  So this format is new for me and I am still getting used to it and trying to figure out the slider so.... this will kind of be my reveal and trial run;)

Now, on to the Tidy Troll.  I have used a desk fairy in the past and this year decided to change it up a bit.  I LOVE the trolls!!!  They are just the cutest and I just had to find a way to incorporate them into the classroom. 
Last year I had to bring in the desk fairy because some of the desks were a hot mess.  Well, this year is no exception.....as a matter of fact, it may be worse!!!  
Enter, Tidy Troll...lol.
I made little note cards to leave on desks.  I use Dojo and points, so they get a point for a note from the Tidy Troll and also a Tidy Troll brag tag.
I am hoping this will help motivate some of my kiddos to get a little neater and more organized with their desks....and bring in a little fun magic!!


  1. The Troll cards are adorable, Tara! What a great idea! Your students will love them! I love your new blog! Megan is doing my blog next week, and I'm nervous and so excited. She is so talented, so I know whatever she comes up with will be amazing. Have a great week!

  2. Ha! So clever with the movie out and all! With the flexible seating, we don't have this problem, otherwise I'd jump on this right away! and GAHHH! Megan is amazing when it comes to blog designs and your new one is NO exception! It's amazing! Love it! xoxo

  3. I love the trolls! Any plans to share these on your tpt site?

  4. I was gonna ask if you are going to sell these too. Desk Fairy seems babyish but trolls might be cute and fun. I'd love these. Great idea.

  5. I too was hoping to find them on TPT! When I saw this cuteness I knew they'd be perfect. I even checked TPT a few days later! I bought some trolls hoping to start the Tidy Troll! Please consider selling them?!

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  7. I think this would be a hit with my 5th graders, too. Thanks for sharing.
    Once a Teacher,Always a Teacher


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